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Fragrance lamps combine a 100 year old concept of air purification with the pleasures of exotic fragrances. The air purification technology destroys all odors and airborne bacteria and dispenses a wonderful aroma into the home. Fragrance lamps convert fragranced fuel into anions (negatively charged ions) and ozone via the catalyzing stone. An ozone molecule consists of three oxygen atoms bonded together to form a molecule (O3). Ozone is very closely related to O2, the most common form of oxygen which you breathe. Ozone binds with airborne particles and aromas, eliminating them from your home. This process can utilize either neutral fuel, which creates no added aroma, or one of our fragranced fuels, which adds a soft aroma throughout your home. Each lamp includes a heavy decorative shade, snuffer cap, catalytic stone and wick, & top quality box.
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