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Crystal Potpourri

What is Crystal Potpourri??
Crystal potpourri is a natural rock salt crystal that has been scented with the highest quality of fragrance available. It is used to scent a room and can even be color coordinated to match your decor. A half pound in an open container with fragrance oil is enough to scent a bathroom. For larger rooms, a pound will leave a wonderful aroma for all to enjoy. Crystal rocks will last for weeks-up to 6 weeks, depending on the surrounding environment!

How to Re-Scent the Crystals

Eventually, the scented oils will evaporate and will need to be refreshed. All it takes to refresh the crystals is to add fragrance oil to a glass jar, plastic container, or ziplock bag and mix. Leave to soak for a few hours. The crystal potpourri will last as long as you continue this process. The more oil added the stronger the scent will be. So be sure to check out our fragrance oils!!

Crystal Potpourri can be placed in an open container or put in sachets once dry for a wonderful gift or favor! Place anywhere you want to fill your room with a wonderful aroma! They can also be added to an Oil Warmer or Electric Oil Diffuser Dish for maximum scent throw!

Our Crystal Rock Potpourri is made with only the finest ingredients available. We have our own special formula designed for optimum scent throw. Our crystal potpourri is not sprayed with fragrance oil (like most other companies). We completely soak our crystal rocks for over 24 hours. We use Glycerin to help slow the evaporation of the fragrance and to help evenly coat the rocks with color. Rocks can be purchased in two size pouches, 8 oz. & 16 oz. (mostly dry), or wet in 16 oz. plastic jar.

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